gull lake project

Gull Lake Project - S.W. Saskatchewan

  • Jurassic and Cretaceous oil plays in the Roseray, Upper Shaunavon and Cantaur formations.
  • Proven plays produce medium (17-24 API) oil at high rates from relatively shallow depths and at low operational costs.
  • Vertically stacked pays help reduce risks and improve economics.
  • Vital is currently developing existing land leases and is further increasing it’s land base.
  • Vertical and horizontal development planned.
  • 2.56 sections (6.6km2) land with PNG surface to basement
  • 7 Producing wells from Jurassic Roseray Formation and a Contuor channel at 1,000 to 1,200 m depth
  • Over 20 more drilling locations targeting three formations, identified based on new 3D seismic.
  • 3D seismic coverage on 100% of lands
  • Vital is the operator and maintains a 50% interest